The HumblePye story and Founder/Director Jo Pye


What makes HumblePye different?

Finding the right coach, mentor or consultant can make an astonishing difference to the process and its impact.

There are a few things that set HumblePye apart so clients experience the best possible results – among them deep experience and a unique philosophy in developing great leaders and organisations.

Meet Founder and Director, Jo Pye, and find out what’s at the heart of the HumblePye approach.

Jo Pye

About Jo Pye

Jo is a certified Leadership Coach and mentor, on a mission to help others gain clarity and overcome the challenges blocking them from achieving career and personal success. She brings deep experience, insight and empathy to coaching her clients to get the absolute best from themselves and from the people they lead.

Jo isn’t your average coach. Her expertise in insight creation is central to her approach – and what makes it so much more effective. She keeps asking the tough questions, digging deep to unearth the ‘a-ha’ moments.

Driven by a core belief that humility and generosity are among the most impactful leadership traits, Jo thrives on listening, encouraging and actively participating in the journeys of others. Her calm considered and honest approach and ability to cut through complexity gives her a unique ability to facilitate others to dig deeper and find the core of what’s holding them back.

Jo’s methodology is shaped by decades of experience as an executive business leader, performing large scale customer engagement projects, insight, innovation and strategy roles at both the Asia-Pacific and global level and managing high-performing teams delivering significant projects across multiple continents. She understands the impact of organisational structure on leadership styles and the power of recognising and harnessing individual and cultural differences in delivering successful commercial outcomes.

She is also a non-executive director on prominent boards, including Meat and & Livestock Australia, and understands the crucial role of effective executive teams.

She holds an MBA with a marketing specialisation, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food & Nutrition and a Diploma in Leadership coaching. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors course and an accredited DISC leadership assessor. Jo believes good health is the foundation of a successful personal and professional life, and in the transformative power of integrating health and wellness coaching into development programs for individuals and organisations.

This all comes together in creating powerful, insightful solutions to your challenges – big and small. That’s where Jo truly thrives.


  • Leadership coaching
  • Management skills
  • Effective communication
  • Strategic marketing
  • Presentation skills mastery
  • Career evolution
  • Customer & insights specialist
  • Subject expert in health & wellness trends
  • Engaging speaker


  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Food & Nutrition)
  • Diploma of Leadership Coaching
  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Accredited Advanced DiSC Consultant

The HumblePye coaching philosophy

Early in high school, a career advisor told Jo never to attempt studies of a technical nature. Undeterred, she ignored the advice, enrolled in a science degree and pursued a highly successful career following her passions, seeking out new challenges and never accepting the status quo.

This determination to reject mediocrity and embrace change as crucial to growth is a fundamental part of how HumblePye operates. So too is humility; humble leaders inspire loyalty and growth in those around them and are unafraid to seek help to overcome obstacles in the path to success.

At HumblePye, the focus is on helping you understand what it means to be a great leader and find your own most effective leadership style – regardless of what stage of your career you’re at. It’s about giving you the tools to get the best from yourself and everyone around you, with the potential to dramatically enhance your organisation’s performance and supercharge your career.

Your coach will be right beside you as together you challenge your thought process, ideas and behaviours and open up new perspectives. HumblePye’s process is tailor-made to each client, but built on solid principles that highlight strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement, help you understand how you work, communicate and process information, and guide you forward on your path to leadership growth.


What is coaching?

Coaching is an incredibly powerful process. Working in partnership with the right coach enables you to step outside yourself and uncover deep insights into where you are at, where you’d like to be and what’s preventing you from getting there.

It’s not easy to see the forest for the trees when you’re right in the middle of it. It takes clarity, self-awareness and courage. By listening, questioning and challenging, a coach helps you overcome self-doubt and fear in your professional and personal life and discover your true strengths, so you can set more meaningful goals and strategies to achieve them.

Together, you illuminate a clear path forward in your career, personal life, health and happiness – to the life you want, on your terms.

What do coaches do?

HumblePye follows the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches (AIPC) Coach Methodology.



Find out the issue


Ask Questions

Identify the opportunities


Set Goals

Set SMART goals



Committed action planning



Be accountable

Why does it work?

A coach facilitates you to harness your existing knowledge and strengths, opening you up to better understand yourself and your situation and explore opportunities, possibilities and horizons that may otherwise have flown beneath your radar.

Coaching isn’t simply assessing and offering advice – it is a collaborative process, an open and organic conversation that builds your capacity to look deeper, determine your path and take responsibility for shaping it. And that’s far more powerful than a cookie-cutter strategy that you can’t adapt as your goals grow.

It’s all inside you, waiting to be unearthed. Coaching works because once you know how to tap your potential, you control it.

Coaching is a conversation like no other. A coach has the singular most important goal and that is to assist the client close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.



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